Welcome to South Shore Landing, the Newest Neighborhood in Boiling Spring Lakes developed exclusively by Langbeen Builders, Inc. You can expect hand crafted quality construction & impeccable attention to detail. The community is 47.5 total acres and 17 acres have been dedicated to green space for the neighborhood so you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings & abundant wildlife.  With over-sized lots like these you will be sure to have your space.  To give you an idea of the size of the lots, the depth of where lot 45 and 46 meet is about 480 ft.  If you're interested in our new development contact use through the link below.

Here is how South Shore Landing will work:

Select a lot that you are interested in (the lots are numbered, as shown above) and a plan you might be interested in (found on our plans page) and contact us with any other things you might be looking for (whether it be your own plan, an alteration to a plan, questions, comments, concerns, etc.) and then we will be able to answer questions and try to help you price out your new home.  

Here is a copy of the restrictions and covenants of South Shore Landing